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Necrofugitive: a Souls-Like platform game where you have strange powers and are wanted by bounty hun

Necrofugitive is a platform game where you control a fugitive from a strange cult who would be killed in a type of inquisition, but, due to his strange powers, managed to escape. Now the whole kingdom, together with bounty hunters, wants to kill you.

The game is inspired by the late Middle Ages, with buildings inspired by forts, castles, churches and fields. Here you will face Templar knights, archers and many other famous characters of the time, but for that, you have a large number of skills. You will be able to kill your enemies and take their form by helping you to hide. Other skills, such as attacking skills, allow you to turn your arm into whips, blades and even a big demon with fire skills.

The gameplay is 2d and will require a controller for a better experience. The battles resemble franchises like Dark Souls where you need to consciously attack and defend and stealth elements.

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