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NIGHT FREAK - Download Game

Night Freak is a third-person PSX horror game developed by Spring Rabbit where you play a boy who, after waking up, discovers that his parents have gone out on a personal errand late at night and you now have to take care of the house together with your brother . However, your brother wants to have a party, and for that you need to go to the treehouse while the party is on. But after an awkward phone call, things become mobile.

The game has a gameplay duration of about 1 hour and consists of exploring a house and a treehouse while solving small puzzles that consist of obtaining items and watching videos of your video game in the treehouse that seem to show a little of the mysteries that await the player.

Most of the time the game is lukewarm and sometimes feels dragged out, but after that, the game brings the horror in an interesting way and ends without giving any major concerns about the place and the strange creature.

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