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NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS: Customers Will be Your Hell in this Fun Action/Horror Game

Night of the Consumers is a first-person comedy horror indie game produced by germfood, and published on March 7, 2020, and updated on June 26 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you are an employee who arrives on his first day of work in a supermarket. Your boss already puts you to do the replacement of the items, and he demands that you need to do this before the time runs out, because if the supermarket closes and you haven't been able to accomplish the mission, you will be fired without mercy. To make matters worse, you end up having to solve the most varied problems of customers, who are always asking for help.

The game appears to be a parody of zombie games, only with customers in place. The look, inspired by games from the first PlayStation, is excellent. The soundtrack is very well produced and accompanies the most varied moments, from calm to tension. Time is at a premium and you have to be quick to replenish all the items on the shelves, which are located according to the labels on the boxes you carry. In addition, there are the clients, which constitute a delay to the main mission. You can knock them down by throwing the boxes and, in case you are approached, you'll have to help them as quickly as possible, because if time runs out, you'll end up being reported to the Manager, who will fire you right away.

The gameplay is very simple, but it suits the simulation character of the game. You move with the WASD keys and use the Mouse to look around, pick up items and put them on shelves and even throw boxes. The Spacebar acts as an action and the Q and E keys act as a peek during the reset process. The game is still in development, but with the little time present in the game, it is extremely fun, and may even take a few hours. You can check out Night of The Consumers gameplay by clicking this link here. If you are interested in supporting this very fun project, just buy the game on the page below and wait for updates.

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