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NO LONGER HUMAN: Break the Cycle of Fears and Troubles in this Horror Game

No Longer Human is a first-person horror indie game produced by yasmine198 and his collaborators, and released on January 4th this year on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control a young man named Osamu, who lives without purpose in his life due to years and years of emotional problems related to a troubled past in his family. Now he must face his monsters, moving between multidimensional mirrors.

The game features a pixelated 3D look, reminiscent of old PS1 and PC games from the 90s, such as Doom. The soundtrack consists of a single song and it will show variations and distortions as you move between the mirrors. The gameplay is simple: you move and interact with objects while running away from a monster that appears only in the mirror.

The game, however, is not without errors: there are some bugs that can even ruin the experience in gambling, such as the last door to the end of the game. Sometimes you have to jump over the wall that leads to the last room by stacking garbage bags and climbing on them.

You can check the gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested, you can download the game at the link below:

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