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ON ONE'S OWN: Mantain the Systems that Keep You Safe in a Bunker while Survive the Horrors Inside

On One's Own is a short indie simulation, puzzle and first-person psychological horror game that was produced by Grim, JF Osorio, ytraboz, Carl Boisvert and Émeric Coudé and published on May 17th of this year, being available on the platform. In On One's Own, you find yourself in a bunker, seemingly protected from whatever is happening in the outside world. However, you discover that there is something supernatural and strange about the place where you are, and that it is changing the bunker system that is leaving you alive, safe and sound. Your goal is to keep the system running while dealing with what's going on inside.

The game itself was produced as a prototype for an assignment for a Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program. Visually speaking, the game is well done, featuring slightly more polished graphics and an interesting use of lighting. As for the gameplay, the game has a simulation character with puzzle elements: you have to manage four elements: one related to lighting, another related to water filtration, another linked to air filtration and finally a safe. The game is very easy, since you have a complete map of the place, with instructions to solve the problems related to these four elements. The horror is more psychological, without resorting to the infamous jump scares.

Check out On One's Own gameplay on our channel. If interested, download On One's Own game from the page. The respective links are available below.

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