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ONLOOKER: A Short Thriller Game where You Must Investigate a Terrible Incident in a Hotel

Onlooker is a first-person thriller indie game that has been produced in 3 months as a student project by Team Bellboy. In the game, you are Gale Smith, a journalist who, after receiving a tip about the Hotel Victoria incident, decides to investigate what truly happened on local.

The game is very simple in terms of gameplay: you only walk into the hotel and interact with objects. In truth, your objective here and mount your article for a newspaper, by finding notes and by peeping through holes in various points of the hotel, where you observe some lodgers. In some moments you use the photos taken by the camera to guide yourself in the dark. The graphics are very good, with a lot of realistic textures, and an impressive blurring effect.

As about the soundtrack, it is almost inexistent: in reality, all the game uses diverse sound effects, which improves the tension and the thrilling, as your immersion, and this is more evident by playing with headphones.

Despite one or other bug in the game, and the overly short game time, Onlooker is a good experience, that gives tension from beginning to end. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the full game by clicking on the link below:

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