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OPOSSUM COUNTRY: A Horror Game Where You Must Unveil the Secret Horrors of a Trailer Park

Opossum Country is a mystery and horror indie game created by BenJelter and published on December 14 of this year. In the plot, you are a simple food delivery guy which, after receiving an order, finds yourself in a Trailer Park, with weird residents. After trying some interactions, you see that the Park has something strange, even further involving a person named Bill, to whom the residents have the highest esteem.

The game was, no doubts, created for being a GameBoy game in every aspect. The visuals are great and the soundtrack, as well as the gameplay, is simple but runs very well inside the limitations of a portable console, even, the game is nothing more than a ROM and can be used on a GameBoy emulator as well as on the console itself, you only need a specific cartridge as Everdrive, for example.

Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the ROM here on the link below:

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