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OREBODY: BLINDER'S TALE: a linear platform shooter for the NES inspired by Contra and Megaman games.

Orebody: Blinder's Tale is an indie action platformer as well as an indie NES game developed by John Vanderhoef where you play as Binder, an orphaned battle bot, who fights his way to the floating city of Galvanstad, an AI fortress, to face off his creators and avenge his mentor's death.

The game has beautiful visuals for a NES game and a Megaman feel, where you control a robot in environments with robotic enemies and big bosses. However, it's only an initial feeling, as the simple gameplay reminds countless other Famicom games like Contra, with several platforms and weapons that can be fired at flying droids that appear during a level. Orebody also has a reasonable difficulty level and easy-to-sense patterns.


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