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OVERTIME: Survive a LITERALLY Killer Workday in this Horror Game

Overtime is a first person horror simulation game being produced by Turnip_liker. Initially the game is like a project that took 10 days to develop and that was shown at this year's SCREAM JAM, and that version was made available on the indie gaming platform on October 23rd of this year. In Overtime you are a young employee of a company, who receives a call to attend a meeting in 15 minutes. When you get there, you realize there's no one there. To make matters worse, you get a bloody hallucination in the elevator, and a terrifying sense of imminent danger, and you have to do whatever it takes to survive.

As stated above, the game was produced for a game jam focused on horror projects. The graphics are great, appealing to a low-poly look with PSX game influences. The gameplay is very simple, after all it is a simulator. Perhaps the only downside here in the game is the lack of more elements in the place, and even greater freedom in the options within the dialogues, leading to different conclusions and even different endings. Overtime presents excellent potential for a game that offers freedom of choice here. On the game page, Overtime is treated as a demo. It remains to wait for the next updates.

Check out the gameplay of Overtime and download the game by clicking on one of the links below.


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