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PAPER PILGRIM: Seek for Whereabouts of Crazy Citizens on This CRAZY First-Person Game

Paper Pilgrim is an action and first-person indie game, with puzzle and point-and-click elements, which was developed by Hustla Masi and published on July 15th, 2020, with an update released on November 16th of the same year. Here, you are a detective that, with your brother's help, seeks clues that led you to the whereabouts of Crystal City citizens, that have disappeared in an uncommon way.

The graphics are an intriguing case: the characters are very sketchy, but this doesn't mean that the game doesn't have your charm, on contrary, they are very charismatic in this way, and certainly, they would lose your charisma if conceived on a more neat way. By the way, the entire game presents this characteristic, as we can see on the scenarios which, despite the monochromatic tone, can be identified by strong colors that stay on the area entrance.

As for the sound aspects, the game has a beautiful and relaxing soundtrack that combines so much with the game aesthetics. The gameplay is simple and typical of any first-person game: you can walk, run, crouch, jump, and interact by using the mouse.

Despite being in the prototype stage, titled "The Crystal Case", I loved Paper Pilgrim. I loved the adopted style, music, and peculiar characters. It was worth a lot checking out this game and I'm already waiting for the full version. It was over 30 minutes of well-enjoyed gameplay, that you can watch by clicking right here and, if you have an interest in playing this prototype, the game can be download on the link below:

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