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PATHOGEN-X: Find the Vaccine in a Monster-infested Lab in this Survival Horror Game

Pathogen-X is an indie survival horror game produced by sodaraptor and with a demo version published on February 1st this year, on the "" platform. In the game, you control Hawk, a special forces agent who was tasked with a mission: to infiltrate the Delta Corp. research complex, find a vaccine and leave the site before the bombing. The reason is simple, the complex apparently developed a virus known as Pathogen-X, but something went wrong and this virus spread throughout the complex, making the place teeming with mutant monsters.

The game, according to its developer, was produced with strong inspiration from the classic Survival Horror games of the first PlayStation, such as the first Resident Evil. The graphics, while visually appealing to Sony's 32-bit console games, have a degree of modernity, which can attract both retro game fans and younger gamers.

The soundtrack is another interesting aspect: it not only has influences from the games mentioned above, but it also adapts very well to the climate of tension, providing mystery, a sense of urgency, and even apprehension. The gameplay, however, is a little more modern: it does not have that tank style that was common in the first 3 Resident Evil and that is still used in games like Alisa, for example. Here the gameplay somewhat resembles the style used in Syphon Filter or in many current games, or even in the remake of Resident Evil 2, for example.

Undoubtedly, Pathogen-X is a respectable survival horror, that drinks a lot of its influences and presents good gameplay. It's an old-fashioned Survival Horror that every fan deserves. So far, it is in the development stage and only shuffle mode is available. You can check the game or watch the gameplay by clicking on this link here or, if you are interested in the experience, download the demo by clicking on the link below:

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