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PLANTY: Explore Kharkov's labyrinths in this Surrealistic Horror game.

Planty is a short indie horror game developed by DemoDrifters for PC that takes place around the Krakow park after an apocalypse, where you find yourself lost in a kind of alternate reality and need to find a way back to your world by exploring the maze which is the place with the help of your map and strange beings like an eye with wings and a skeleton.

The game has visuals inspired by the 32-bit era and a pleasant atmosphere with a color palette with lots of reddish tones and a very dark setting. The sound is inspired by Lacrimosa and manages to create a good sound background for exploring the labyrinth, where your objective is: to find specific points where you talk to NPCs and find items that allow you to earn new items to open passages until you find the gate that will take you - maybe - to your world. But for that, it is necessary to use the map that facilitates your journey and avoids you getting lost easily in the place.

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