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Playing a Virtual Boy-style Game without No Headaches.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Yan's World has shown your demo version on SAGE 2020, and here are my first impressions of the game. At first, the game was produced by having an artistic style the Virtual Boy, a Nintendo portable video game known as being big enough to be portable and for causing headaches on everyone who has played that. The game is a very solid mix of platform and puzzle where you must use the keyboard to jump and move, and the mouse to aim and shoot. The music is very fun and combines very well with the all cute aesthetics of this game from the stages to the characters. There's a good challenge level that improves as we pass the stages. And for those uncomfortable with the black-and-red-visual, the game has an option to change to Game Boy greenish colors. Perhaps, my only problem here is a lack of option for gamepads, it would be a good idea the use them here.

Well, there's no much to say here. I hope for a full game someday, cuz I loved so much what I saw here. Check the demo out:


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