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POOP KILLER 2: The Toilet-head Killer Returns In This Comedic Horror Sequel.

Poop Killer 2 is a short indie adventure, simulation and first-person horror game with touches of trash comedy that was produced by 616GAMES and published on June 10th of this year, and is available on the platform. In Poop Killer 2, you are Billy, who, along with his friend Jamal, is a marijuana dealer, and sells the herbs to his customers in his apartment. One day, one of your friends ends up using the toilet for you-know-what, much to your dismay as the toilet is in trouble. From there, the tension increases, as you know about crimes related to a character known as the Poop Killer, a crazy guy with a toilet for a head who kills people who don't flush their toilets.

The game itself is a trashy '80s movie comedy, which is the main focus of the games produced by 616GAMES. Despite being a direct sequel, you don't necessarily have to play the first game to understand (if there's any way to understand) this one. The function is just for fun, according to the developer. In terms of graphics, Poop Killer 2 is no exception to the rule of other games produced, as it has an aesthetic in the same line as PSX games, with low poly visuals and low resolution textures. The game is still democratic, giving you the option to switch between PSX, VHS or PS2 look. The gameplay is very simple and in the same vein as other games. You just explore the place and interact with the characters and objects, and nothing else.

As is typical of games published by 616GAMES, Poop Killer 2 is available for free for the first 1000 downloads, and is priced after that. So, if you're interested, download the Poop Killer 2 game right now from the page. If you don't want to, Poop Killer 2 gameplay is available on our channel. You just need to click on the respective links below.

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