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POSSESSED: A Horror Game where You, a Monster, Chase and Kill those who Summoned You

Possessed is an indie horror game produced by Something Something Games and published on February 19th this year on the "" platform. Generally, in many indie horror games, you are in the perspective of an ordinary person who is pursued by any element of horror (assassins, spirits, monsters, zombies, etc.). Here in Possessed, what happens is the exact opposite: this time, you play the game in the shoes of the stalker, a monster that was summoned in a ritual. It is up to you to eliminate your summoners before they banish you from the earthly kingdom.

The graphics are very well done, and the gameplay is simple, where you just move and use a mouse button to attack humans. The game is in a development stage and, in my opinion, I hope the developer does a good job and brings more news to the game, thus increasing its longevity and even, perhaps, increasing the replay factor.

Check out Possessed's gameplay by clicking here and download the demo at the link below:

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