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Prepper: Protect yourself from the storm in this atmospheric horror game

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Prepper is a horror indie game that has published on this year's Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam, inside the theme of Folk Horror, by creating horror games with the PS1 aesthetics which have folkloric elements from the creator's culture. In Prepper, you are in the middle of a relentless storm, and your objective is to protect yourself, putting the wood boards on the windows, but your bedroom is blocked and for a mysterious reason.

There's no much to comment on here: the game itself is very short and you can finish it in 10 minutes or less when you get how the gameplay works and speaking of gameplay, it simple too: you can move, jump, hold and carry the boards and use the mouse to put them on the windows. In terms of graphics, the creators have captured so well the essence of PS1 games, with the low poly visuals from that time. About the soundtrack, it consists only of sound effects to capture the atmosphere of apprehension and imminent fear. Overall, Prepper is a cool game and worths if you want to have some scares once in a while.

Check out the complete gameplay by clicking right here, and download the game by clicking on the link below (the same link where the image came from):

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