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PSYCHO-UNSTABLE JOURNEY: A Long Road Trip Becomes the Path to Total Madness in this Adventure Game

Psycho-unstable Journey is a short indie adventure game with touches of psychological horror produced by KenForest for Ludum Dare 49, within 72 hours. The little game was published on October 4th this year for the platform. As this is a game project for a game jam, the plot is rather simple and vague. In the game, you are a simple guy who is going to take his first car trip on a stormy night. The road is long and the rain is pouring down, but this will be the least of your worries, because little by little, you will notice distortions of reality, and even madness.

As I said above, the game was made as a simple project for a game jam, so I'll just cover the basics here. Psycho-unstable Journey features simple low-poly graphics, but heavily influenced by the aesthetics of 90s games (and I have no complaints about that, on the contrary, it's great to see this return to a classic video game aesthetic happening in indie games It's nice to always see something new with that old visual aspect). The gameplay is very simple and typical of games of this type, and it is practically the same in both moments (in-car/out-of-car).

Perhaps the weak point here is in the psychological horror aspect: Psycho-unstable Journey is all about hallucinations, but what was supposed to be something frightening turned out to be something too simple. The creator of the game could have improved this point, but if we take into account that it was made in 72 hours, we give him some credit.

If you would like to download the game, to try it out, you can click on the link from the game page on below. As for the gameplay, you can watch it by clicking this link here.

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