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RATMAN: a VHS found footage styled survival horror FPS focusing on combat inspired by V/H/S/94 movie

Ratman is a short indie first-person annalog survival horror game that was produced by Azaxor (Aza Game Studio) and published on May 20th of this year, and is available for download on the platform. In Ratman, you are a marine who has been sent to investigate a sewer system. According to his superiors, strong rumors have circulated that a huge creature that lives there has devoured many homeless people, as well as a Marine who had been sent to investigate the place.

Azaxor is already a well-known developer here on the channel. We've already covered some games of his, like Crawlerphobia, Okiku and Bloodmoon Church. Gamedev highly values ​​the use of visual analog, similar to a VHS tape, but there are times when he opts for a cleaner look (like Okiku) or something more monochromatic (like Before Dawn), examples that show well the proposal he wants to convey, which is the uncomfortable atmosphere present in his games. The gameplay in Ratman seeks inspiration in FPS games, more precisely in the F.E.A.R. franchise.

The game is quite short and can be completed in 15-25 minutes depending on your skills. You can download Ratman game from the page, and check out Ratman gameplay on our channel. Just click on the respective links below.

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