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RECURSIVE RUIN: Explore a Surreal, Mind-Bending World and Unlock the Secrets about this Place

Recursive Ruin is a first-person narrative puzzle adventure game being produced by Bit Rot and will be published by Iceberg Interactive sometime this year, however the game had a demo version released on the Steam page on January 21st. Recursive Ruin drops you into a decaying, fractal world called the Infinite Realms. This world is full of images and bending physics that are repeated all the time. Your objective here is to unlock the secrets of seven unique locations full of hidden spaces and strange denizens. For this you have logic and the ability to manipulate recursive physics, thus helping you to solve puzzles.

As for the graphic aspects, Recursive Ruin shines in bringing a world that looks like it came out of a Marvel's Doctor Strange movie: everything is well done and works harmoniously, combining very well with the gameplay, gameplay that consists of changing everything the vision of the world present there to solve the proposed puzzles at each moment. It is indeed an artistic game, challenging and with a very intriguing plot.

Check out Recursive Ruin's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo from the Steam page. Just click on the respective links below.


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