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ROJO: Find Clues to Your Friend's Whereabouts Amid the Terror of an Extremist Political Cult

ROJO: A Spanish Horror Experience is a short indie first-person psychological horror game that was produced by Miguel Moreno and published on February 2nd of this year on the platform. The game takes place somewhere in Spain, and you are looking for your friend, who disappeared without a trace a few days ago. The only clue you have is a note with the address "Calle de Salamanca, Madrid. Block 13, 3°A". Upon arriving there, he discovers that the place is empty. It's up to you to investigate the place and look for clues that lead to your friend's whereabouts.

According to the developer, ROJO was produced as a representation of terror originating from extremist ideologies, having a foot in the facts of reality. In terms of graphics, the game is very well produced, giving a little realism to everything that involves that place and, why not, some historical and political contexts as well. The gameplay is very simple, not very different from many other indie games, being very easy to learn. Furthermore, the game gives you the opportunity to play with Xbox controller as well.

Check out the gameplay of ROJO: A Spanish Horror Experience and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the respective links below.


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