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Rubber Man: a 2d platform game made by 7 year old boy

Rubber Man is a 2d platform game where you control a rubber that one day comes to life. Here, a strange enemy dominates and you will need to overcome it by going through great challenges and "erase" all the evil once and for all.

The graphics of Rubber Man have great animations and the dubbing, done by the creators of the game Jacob and Emilly is what makes Rubber Man an incredibly charismatic game.

It is also impressive to see how a 7 year old boy and his sister can create using famous tools like Unity's 2D GameKit and realize their dream of being a super hero.

Rubber Man is that game that brings back the power of imagination and can now be shared with everyone. An excellent option for both the youngest and the oldest.

Check out the gameplay

Download Rubber Man here

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