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RUPTURE: A FPS Action Game that Honors the Aesthetics from 90s Classic Shooters

Rupture is an action and first-person shooter indie game produced by Echo7Project and has a style that brings us back to the first 3d games of the genre from the 90s, like Quake and Hexen II. The game itself doesn't have a plot and, it seems that is in your first steps on development, as the demo "E1M1" has been published on November 18th of this year. Until this moment, you, in the game, only walk through a portal and kill everything that appears.

There's no much to say about the graphics, as I have said above: It's a game that evokes all classic games aesthetics, as the two games cited before, by using low poly models and low-resolution textures. As for the soundtrack, the demo has only two music tracks, but both are good and work very well inside the game. Maybe the only tip I can give to the creator would be to improve a little more the soundtrack since they are short in length and repeats frequently.

Unfortunately, I cannot say some good things about the gameplay: of course, it's typical of the classic FPS games and works well. The problem here is on the odd combination of jumping and movement, specifically when we talk about climb ladders or something: As I have known and played, I don't remember using and holding the jump button to climb, without the movement keys, contrary to some games of the genre. The same is odd when you will submerge on lakes: you usually use the jump button to give the impulse, but here you only use the move buttons and that's it. I think that is kind of strange, but it's my only opinion.

Another problem that I had was about the jump: Jumping is a little complicated here and I'll explain: for the side, you have problems with jumping on a box because there's a feeling of heavy and is like something is keeping you from jumping. When this doesn't happen, you jump so high that you can't stay on the box and pass of the box, landing on the other side. Besides that, in my gameplay experience, some bugs have been common in Rupture, as enemies appearing out of blue, When you lock the character in some area's corner or being in a room, and can't go outside because the transition doesn't work.

Putting negative points aside, the E1M1 demo is still very interesting and fun to play and worth it all checking out. You can quietly enjoy this demo and I believe that can be a good experience for Doom and Quake lovers. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here, and take a chance to download the demo on the link below:

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