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SAIKO NO SUTOKA: Escape from a Crazed Yandere in this Horror Game

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Saiko no Sutoka (English: Psycho Stalker) is a first-person horror indie game with puzzle elements created by habupain and released on September 3 of this year, on the site, and updated on December 27, bringing some differences from the early version.

You control a "senpai" (a Japanese term for veteran student) who wakes up inside the school, in the middle of the night and finds out that Saiko-chan, a "yandere" (a Japanese term for a girl who has lovesickness for someone to the point of even kill this or any other person), who wants to stay with you forever. It's up to you to find the cabinet code where the exit key is, this if Saiko-chan doesn't find you first.

The game has simple graphics but also has some charm because of the character's anime visuals. The same can be said of gameplay: you only move, run, crouch, and interact. But there are interesting elements here, as stealth (as hiding yourself in the cabinets, for example), using shoes to avoid hurting from windows glass shards, broken by Saiko, and even avoid run while she is around, in order to not bring her attention to you.

For horror lovers, with jumpscares on the exact measure, it worth the playtime. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:


We're playing the Saiko No Sutoka 2.1 version and doing upload of all endings. Please, watch and share!

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