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SAYRI: Help An Alien in having a New Life in a New Planet in this Platform/Adventure Game

Sayri is an adventure and platform indie game with puzzle elements that has your demo, titled "The Beginning", published on November 18th of this year, and runs as a prologue, telling the story of Sayri, an alien that flees, along with your people, from your planet's imminent destruction. Landing on a planet called Ayris, Sayri must explore this new land, in hopes of finding a new home and begin a new life there. During this journey, the alien will meet other aliens that live in Ayris, which develops bonds of partnership, and will be aided by them.

The game exhales so much beauty: the world of Ayris is colorful, gorgeous, and relaxing. You run through vegetation, caves, and waterfalls. In terms of graphics, everything is beautiful here. The aliens that live on the planet have some charming degrees, even in your very funny way of speak. As for the soundtrack, is very orchestrated and has an atmosphere that combines well with the game visuals.

As for the gameplay aspects, it's very simple and easy to learn: you can move, interact with almost everything on the planet (Sayri uses a power that goes from turn on light crystals in some cases to make plants grow up or decrease in size according to the needs) and uses your new friends' aid to make through the way. There are puzzle elements in this game, which makes the use of interaction and aid of your friends something very crucial here.

The game, although being in the development stage, Sayri has enough potential to be an excellent adventure game. With simple and fun gameplay, adorable characters, and a relaxing soundtrack, playing "The Beginning Demo" worths a lot. I hope that they release the full game faster possible. The game is planned to be released on May 31, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Check out the gameplay right here and download the demo on one of the links below:

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