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SINFELD: a single player action-horror-comedy-parody featuring various gameplay styles.

Sinfeld Remastered Deceased is a first-person action-horror-comedy-parody single player game developed by RareBird Games where you play as Donathan, the oldest orphan in town, who is finally adopted, however, things are not what they seem and starts its journey in a dark game with elements of dark comedy and games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

The game has good visuals, with cartoon characters, a good sound, with good mixing, a gameplay with easy to understand commands, but apparently, Sinfeld is not well optimized. The game has minimum requirements of 2gb of Ram and 1.80Ghz processing with 512mb of VRAM. However, the game ran poorly with a PC with Ryzen 5 1600, 16Gb RAM and 4Gb VRAM, which shows that, for a fluid game, a lot of work is required.

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