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SINSFROMGOD 2: Discover the Dark Secrets of a Roadside Hotel in this Survival Horror Game

SinsFromGod 2 is a short indie first-person survival horror game being produced by RaidGames Studios and currently in the development stage, however a demo of the game was published on the platform on December 20th, 2021, with an update carried out on January 25th of this year. In the game, you were on the road, driving for what would be the best vacation of your life, but at nightfall, you arrive at a hotel, a little tired and look for an overnight stay to continue your trip the next day. However, when you get there, you discover that the place is empty, and worse, there is something (or is it someone?) lurking. Your goal is to survive the night and unravel the mysteries surrounding this hotel.

The game is apparently a direct sequel to the first SinsFromGod (the strange thing is that the first game is not found on the gamedev page on and, according to gamedev, this game presents an evolution, introducing new mechanics such as interaction with objects like notes, weapons and health items. Graphically speaking, the game is well done, although it could be improved. Unfortunately I think it needs a little more prep time, because apart from a few jumpscare moments, there's not much to do here, except to walk around and interact with some doors and drawers.

Check out SinsFromGod 2's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can purchase the demo on the page itself (it's free for a limited time). Just click on the respective links below.




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