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SIREN REX MARIA: A sunken ship holds a dark mystery in this horror game.

Siren Rex Maria is an adventure game as well as a horror game developed by ETPA, johann.theron, Bl4ckCat, Pierre Felius, sadjaÿ, Lᴇᴏ Bᴇʀɢᴏᴜɢɴᴏᴜx, Lafont, Anaya Idouakass where you are a diver who decides to explore a 1940s ship in ocean in search of clues about the wreck. However, what appears to be a simple exploration could be the beginning of something dark and unearthly.

The game has beautiful graphics with nice 3d models light effects that increase the immersion and the feeling of diving. The sound consists of mostly sound effects and punctual songs for the most exciting moments. The gameplay is simple and needs little time to adapt to the commands.


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