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SODAMAN: Recover all the Soda Cans in this Amazing Pepsiman Parody

Sodaman is an indie action and racing game produced by Yahya Danboos and published on March 14 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game is a parody of Pepsiman, a PS1 game of the same style, which became a meme in the West. There is no definite storyline, you just run around looking for soda cans, dodging any obstacles along the way, from people to cars and trucks. According to the developer, Sodaman was conceived as an answer to the following question: what would Pepsiman look like if it were created on current consoles, such as the PlayStation5?

Graphically, Sodaman is excellent. And it gets even better using the RTX feature of GeForce cards. The gameplay is simple, but it fits the purpose of the game. Another highlight here is the soundtrack: the background music is engaging and full of adrenaline. It would be a great idea if Sodaman could evolve into a complete game, but that will depend on the game's developer.

Check out Sodaman's gameplay by clicking on this link here and take the opportunity to download the game from the link below:

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