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SODSUD: Meet the Demand of the Inhabitants of the Underworld in this Simulation Game

SODSUD is a first-person simulation game produced by Papeero and published on March 5 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In SODSUD, you are welcomed into the world of the dead, after drowning in an accident. You have been recruited to work at a convenience store. His boss put him on an internship to work for 7 days before winter came, and hibernation with him. During these 7 days you will meet other residents of the underworld and meet their demands.

The game is about meeting customer demands: you give them what they want and they pay you. In terms of gameplay, it is nothing less than that. The look is a very impressive factor here: SODSUD uses clay figures for the sprites, and they are very well produced. The graphics of the scenario are simple, but very beautiful, within the proposal of the game. The characters are charismatic... in their own way. You will discover the personalities of each one during playtime.

SODSUD is very interesting and has a good potential to be expanded, with many new features to add. It only remains to be seen whether the developer will continue this game or not. Check out the gameplay of SODSUD at this link here and take the opportunity to download the game at the link below:

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