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SOLID VISION: A Drunken Young Man's Desire Transports him to an World in Ruins in this Visual Novel

Solid Vision is a visual novel indie game being produced by Diganta Ghorai (known as CyberGhost777), and whose prototype was made available on the indie gaming platform on October 4th of this year. Solid Vision is presented by its creator as a visually immersive cinematic experience that tells the story of a young man who finds himself depressed in a nightclub. Drunk and tired of everything and everyone, he wishes people no longer existed, and for a moment that wish comes true. The problem is that he is strangely transported to an alternate Earth, where everything is in ruins, a veritable apocalypse caused by strange beings who proclaim themselves the gods of this land.

Solid Vision is nothing less than a visual novel, and it's a game project that was produced by CyberGhost777 for a Game Jam titled "Studio 1- Visual Novel [Greg's Session]", which has no rules or defined themes as far as we can. see on the event page. In terms of graphics, the game features well-produced images of characters and environments. In this aspect the game is very beautiful, despite being a visual novel made up of text and images. As for the gameplay, it's like any other visual novel, you just use the mouse to move the text and choose a few options that can take the player to different endings, and that's an aspect of Solid Vision's gameplay that I missed here, but as it is a prototype, it is certainly something that will be put forward later.

There's not much more that can be said about Solid Vision. It is a very simple visual novel, although its visual aspect is very well done. Not bad for a game that has a niche style. Let's just hope that the creator of the game develops this project to the point of introducing more new features or gameplay mechanics. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay of the little game by clicking this link here or download it (if you're interested) from the page below.

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