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Solo The Space Guardian is a shoo em up game developed by g82game inspired by classic arcade games from the 80s where you control a spaceship with what would be the last living being on a planet destroyed by attacks by unknown space conquerors. Your goal: to safely take the only survivor to a habitable planet while avoiding the perils of infinite space.

The gameplay is simple: move left or right and click. On the right side, you will find all your arsenal that can be used to reach the goal. Each enemy ship corresponds to one of these attributes and, when destroyed, guarantees you a point. When completing all slots you can use this attribute using the up and down arrows.

The graphics of Solo The Space Guardian are beautiful and the reproduction of the sprite's delay moving to the sides gives an extra charm, especially for those who enjoy old games.

Although it is a tribute to the classic arcades of the 80s, there are new elements, such as space exploration and also the use of weapons that give more life to the game.

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