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SUBJECT 65: Investigate an Abandoned Hospital and Flee From a Strange Monster in this Horror Game

Subject 65 is a short first-person indie horror game produced by Max Horror and published on October 6th of this year, on the indie gaming platform In Subject 65, you find yourself in an old (and probably abandoned) psychiatric hospital in the middle of nowhere. You go in there with the aim of confirming whether the rumors of bizarre experiments with hospital patients are true or not. However, as you wander around the place, you will soon realize that it was better not to have gone there.

For those who don't know, Max Horror is a well known guy in the indie scene. He has a YouTube channel (with over 17,000 subscribers) with gameplays from several indie games (a bit similar to ours here), but with a specific focus on horror content. According to him, the games he produced are part of his learning as a creator and developer. And we can see a lot of your effort here in Subject 65. The graphics are very well done, the atmosphere of horror and tension is very well built here and there is no lack of situations where you are apprehensive, afraid of getting scared right away. . We can say that, in terms of horror, Max Horror knows very well the exact moments to have a scare here or there.

As for gameplay, there's not much to comment here. It is typical of many indie horror games: simple and functional within the game's purpose. The soundtrack also makes its contribution, building a great and macabre atmosphere. No doubt we'll see a lot of this guy's productions at some point, as well as his evolution in productions. He will certainly be a great developer. As for the game, you can check it out by clicking on the game page on below. The gameplay made by our channel you can check by clicking on this link here.


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