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SYMPHONY OF SEVEN SOULS: Find Souls to Complete Your Musical Masterpiece in this Horror Game

Symphony of Seven Souls is a first-person indie game that declares itself "a gothic horror tale". It was produced by katanalevy for the Haunted PS1 community's Game Jam, "Summer of Shivers 2021", and published on the indie gaming platform "" on August 11th of that year. In the game, you control an accomplished violinist, who had worked a lot to write his greatest masterpiece. However, your creativity dried up and, in order to finish your work, you decided to take a more drastic step: go out into the streets of the small town and use your talent and virtuosity to attract lost souls to join your unholy orchestra, and so complete your work.

According to the game's creator, Symphony of Seven Souls was created inspired by the story of Niccolò Paganini, a 19th-century violinist known for his prodigious acts in music... and for an urban legend that circulated at the time, that his violin skills came as a result of a pact he had made with the devil. The game itself is pretty dark; you must be guided by the few lights that the city has and also by the lighting of lightning that appears during the game. Your mission here is to play for seven souls, scattered throughout the city. This, added to the simple gameplay, contributes to a gothic and spooky experience provided by the game.

The soundtrack is composed only of the music being played by the player during the game: sometimes you will need to play while walking to get the attention of lost souls, as they only appear when the violin is played. As for the graphics, although the game is produced for a community dedicated to creating games using the visual aesthetics of PS1 games, it actually uses an aesthetic more focused on older PC games that were produced using the Quake Engine, the graphics engine from games like Quake and Hexen II.

Without a doubt, Symphony of Seven Souls is a game somewhat different in its history and proposal. Still, it's a great addition to the wide range of games that have been produced or are being produced by the Haunted PS1 community over the past few months. The game is worth a try, which can be downloaded by clicking the link below. As for gameplay, you can check it out by clicking on this link here.

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