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TASOMACHI: Explore a City of Cats in Search of Parts for Your Airship in this Adventure Game

Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight is a third-person adventure and exploration game that was produced by the Orbital Express studio and with a recently published demo version. In the game, you control a girl named Yukumo, who travels the world on her Airship, whom she considers her pride and joy. During a task when visiting a city located in Far Eastern, his airship has a problem and ends up functioning normally. She decides to explore the city, but ends up discovering that the people who lived there have disappeared, and in their place, a kind of cat-like inhabitants have taken over. It is up to you to explore the city and the dungeons, looking for clues and items to fix your airship.

Tasomachi has a beautiful look. The huge city, as well as the temple, has a magnificent visual whim. The gameplay is typical of adventure games, where you can jump, walk, interact and use skills that you acquire during the game. The soundtrack is very good and combines well with the relaxing and mysterious atmosphere of the world where you find yourself.

Despite the positives, the game also has its flaws. In my opinion, the HUD could be better done, an inventory could have been added, some enemies could be inserted in the dungeons, in short, there is a lot that could be added in this game.

At the moment the game is in the development phase, scheduled to be released in 2021 Spring. You can check out Tasomachi's gameplay by clicking on this link here. If you are interested, you can download the demo from the GoG website below. Take advantage of this store's or Steam's link to put it on your wishlist:

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