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TECHNOBOG: SLICE Your Enemies In Epic Battles In This GLITCHED-Futuristic SOULS-LIKE Game.

Technobog is an indie third-person roguelite action-adventure game that is being produced by the creator or studio of the same name and which does not yet have a set release date, only confirmed as "When it's ready" by the studio. However, a demo version of the game is available on the Steam platform. In Technobog you control Guro, a bog-slogger with a mission to save the world from the oppression of a megacorporation in a futuristic world. To do so, you must delve into the deepest layers of cyberspace and destroy the system from the inside out.

According to the game's creator, Technobog was built precisely with the replay factor as its main focus, which means that not only does the game allow you to make decisions, but the entire game is affected by those decisions. This gives you more freedom and also allows you to find new areas to explore. In terms of graphics, the game is very well done, with a look that doesn't owe much to some games from the beginning of the console era like PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The gameplay, on the other hand, presents an action with great strength in hack n' slash, where you can both dodge and attack quickly. Anyone who has played several games of the genre will feel very comfortable in Technobog.

While the game is still in the development stage, you can check out Technobog's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game's demo on the Steam page. All you need to do is just click on the respective links below.


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