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Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtle: Shredder's Re-revenge is a 2d beat 'em up game for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive where you play a version of the last game of the mutant turtles in a hack rom carefully made for the game Streets of Rage 2.

The game has the sprites of the last Mutant Turtles game that came out for PC and consoles and takes to the world of Streets of Rage with an excellent adaptation work that makes TMNT: Shreddet's Re-Revenge in a game close to the original being the only defect the impossibility of picking up the weapons of Streets of Rage, but with incredible battles and a final fight with two bosses.

How to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Re-revenge

3 - Get the Streets of Rage 2 game rom

4 - Open LUNA IPS and click on "Apply IPS patch" and select the TMNT patch file

5 - A new window will appear. Click to show all file types and go to the original rom folder.

6 - Play the rom hack on SEGA Genesis emulator


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