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TEMPLAR: Kill Monsters and Demons in a Holy Crusade in this Action/Horror Game

Templar is an action, shooting and horror indie game that was produced by Christopher Yabsley and published on June 3rd this year, on the indie gaming platform "itch.io". In the game you control a gun-wielding templar that embarks on a holy crusade to cleanse an abandoned church that has been taken over by the dark forces, facing monsters, possessed knights and demons in the name of God.

The game is short and was built on a similar engine to Doom's (if not its own). The game was built in 7 days for the E1M1 Game Jam, which hosts projects that use this engine and are inspired by one of the greatest FPS in history. The gameplay is simple, typical of games of this style, besides the visual that is very inspired by the FPS of the 90s (which is quite obvious) and an ambient soundtrack that is terrifying and fits very well within the proposal.

Perhaps the only downsides are the same ones we analyzed in The Wrath of the Blood Phantom: The game is not very long, can be completed in a little over half an hour and the extreme mouse sensitivity, which prevents it from working well. This is only resolved by following the application's setup instructions that are on the game page. Despite these flaws, it's always interesting to see Doom-inspired designs.

You can check out Templar's gameplay by clicking on this link here and download, if you're interested, the game on its page below:


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