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THE BODY: A Horror Game where You Transport a Body in the Middle of the Night

The Body is a first-person horror and thriller game produced by DeadByte and published on April 14, 2020, on the indie gaming platform "". This game, like A Date to Keep, is part of an anthological horror series entitled "Real Stories from the Grave". Here you control a man who simply carries a body in the middle of the night. You seem to know where you are going when you carry that body, and apparently, it is not for a cemetery.

The Body was produced for a jam called The Haunted PS1. It presents an excellent visual, which portrays the latest 32-bit games from Sony, exactly those that worked a lot with the limitations of the hardware. The gameplay is simple and it goes well with the game's proposal.

You can check out The Body's gameplay by clicking this link here and, if interested, you can download it from the "" page, at the link below:

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