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THE BODY MONSTROUS: an intense and touching horror game about depression

The Body Monstrous is a horror game developed by ribyrnes where you play like an ordinary person, with your daily routine, but who is always obliged to feed an undesirable monster in the basement of your home.

The game has visuals similar to games like Undertale, the gameplay is simple, the music has a good background track, but the main highlight of the game is its comprehensive narrative of diseases - possibly mental illnesses - of which you, against your will , feeds and suffers because of that, disrupting his whole routine and life.

The designer does not make it clear what specific illness it is (apparently depression), but it is a resource widely used to make subjective and reach as many people as possible, making people with different pathologies identify themselves and immerse themselves in the game's narrative.

The Body Monstrous is a deep, dense game that is sure to make you identify. It deals with intense topics such as suicidal tendencies, medications, depression, mental suffering and many other topics and which can send a good message of support to those who suffer.


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