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THE BREED (2021): Face a City Full of Grotesque Monsters and Find Out Why in this Survival Game

The Breed (2021) is a third-person survival horror short indie action game that was produced by JoeClaw and published on November 23rd of this year, on the indie gaming platform The Breed (2021) is a remake of a 2016 game of the same name (according to JoeClaw) and takes place in a city in the Philippines sometime in the 1980s. a real hell, when the residents of the place began to transform into grotesque creatures. Nobody knows what the cause was, if it was human work, or aliens or even divine intervention. This is where you control Jack, a young man who wakes up in a hospital surrounded by monsters. Your objective is to return home to save your father and his rabbit and discover the cause of this disaster.

In terms of graphics, the game has a very simple low poly look, apparently inspired by PSX games. In control of Jack, you explore the most varied locations in search of fulfilling objectives (which are identified here by a huge green arrow in the air) and finding healing items and ammo for your weapons, which are obtained throughout the game. The mouse performs the camera function, and its left and right buttons the aim and attack functions, respectively. At certain times, you will come across bosses in certain places, but the way to kill them is very simple and intuitive, and no, that doesn't mean "dumping everything on him".

You can check out the gameplay of The Breed (2021), as well as download the little game by clicking on the links below.


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