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THE COURIER: Deliver Orders in a Futuristic City and Improve Your Lifestyle in this Action Game

The Courier is a first-person action and adventure indie game produced by Schirwindt and published on March 6th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The Courier features a cyberpunk city and you control an unnamed transporter who works for Excelsior, a pioneer in the service. Your objective is very simple: receive orders from your employer, deliver orders to the specified locations and earn your money, being able to spend it however you want.

The game may seem to be quite simple in its purpose, but that is where the fun side is. Its gameplay consists only of walking, running, interacting and looking using the mouse. With the money earned on the services you can customize your room the way you want, adding a new wallpaper, an anime poster, a statue of a girl, whatever you want. In addition, you can explore all locations to find lost cassette tapes, increasing your collection.

You can also buy music at various stores in the city, as well as increase your stamina through physical exercises at a gym. The graphics are excellent, presenting a very cool cyberpunk look, but there is a negative point here: at various times your vision drops dramatically due to the lights present in the buildings. In other words, you have to walk around the city trying not to look at the lights too much, otherwise it will be difficult to get out of alleys and slightly darker places quickly.

The soundtrack is very interesting and diverse, and combines very well with the futuristic and multicultural atmosphere that the game presents. Very good indeed. Apparently, The Courier was made as a kind of aperitif, that is, it does not offer more information about the city or even about the mysterious delivery man, doubts that are only addressed in another game, Chesnakisnak. In the future we will make a gameplay of this other game, so wait.

Check out The Courier's gameplay at this link here and take the opportunity to download it from the "" page below:

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