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THE ETERNAL PRISON: Find a Way Out of an Infinite Spiritual, Spatial Loop in this Adventure Game

The Eternal Prison is an indie first person Adventure game with a twist of horror that was produced by Crimsong Cat and published on September 1st of this year, on the indie gaming platform In The Eternal Prison, you are a soul that has been awakened from its eternal sleep by a strange voice. You find yourself inside a prison and try to escape, but something keeps you in a spatial loop that causes you to end up at the same entrance.

The game is short and was produced for a game jam titled "Tu Juego a Juicio", organized by Alva Majo, a game developer and content creator on youtube. The game jam had as its theme "too wide", referring to the longitude in any of its possible interpretations, and that's what we see here in The Eternal Prison: a short game that leaves room for several interpretations.

Check out The Eternal Prison gameplay by clicking on this link here and if you are interested in playing it, just download it from the page below.

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