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THE FUN HOUSE: A Horror Game Which You Must Solve Puzzles and Escape from Death

The Fun House is a first-person horror and puzzle indie game created by "fingers Dipped in red" and published on December 20 of this year. In the game, you are a student who, while returning to your parents' house on holidays, has your jeep collided against another vehicle, fainting in the process. You wake up in a strange area and discovers that you are forced to participate in a reality show where you must solve puzzles to escape from your mysterious torturer.

The Graphics and lighting are very beautiful, and better enhanced by a VHS tape filter, which improves immersion and tension inside the game even more. The gameplay is very simple, as seen in many first-person indie games of genre: you walk, run, use the mouse to interact, crouch, peak into corners, and the "G" key to turn on glowsticks after equipped.

Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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