THE GRIM STUF: A First-Person Horror Game in an Abandoned House with Strange "Guests"

The Grim Stuff is a first person horror game where you find yourself in an alley and need to do a drug addict a favor: get his GRIM from an abandoned house. However, the house is occupied by strange beings.

The gameplay follows the standard style of first person games and the pixelated graphics, despite showing their own aesthetic, seem to have been too pixelated, making us, the channel, opt for a graphic improvement that, whether or not the game bug, transforms The Grim Stuff in a generic game in appearance.

Even with these defects the scare of The Grim Stuff works and the jump scare of the game is the highlight. In addition, fulfill some objectives of the game and it will be over in less than 10 minutes.

Check out the gameplay

Download The Grim Stuff here

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