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THE HUNT: Swing Through the Canyons of a Desert Planet to Protect an Alien Artifact from Mercenaries

The Hunt is a short indie third-person action-platformer that was produced by ARTFX 2022 as a graduation prototype, and was published on April 27th this year on the platform. In The Hunt, you control Rhys, a thief who lands on a desert planet called K-52.9, with a mission to steal an artifact located in the ruins of an ancient alien building. As you exit the ruins, you spot a group of mercenaries arriving on the planet, and they are aware that you are in possession of the artifact. Now it's up to you to find a way to escape the entire planet, with the help of two grappling hooks.

The Hunt is one of those examples of a very well produced game, which can reach the level of a Triple A. The graphics are excellent, from the characters to the environment. But the gameplay is the high point here in the game. In true Spider-Man style, you use your two prosthetic arms to swing through canyons and even be pulled onto platforms, all using the LT (left arm) and RT (right arm) triggers. All the action happens through the use of these triggers, from interacting with devices to clashing with enemies.

It would be interesting if this game was better developed to the point of having more story, scenarios and ways to improve skills. However, it is difficult to speculate, since it is a prototype created as a graduation work. It remains only to wait and see if ARTFX 2022 will continue with this or create another game with this one as inspiration. In the meantime, check out The Hunt's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.



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