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Updated: Oct 2

The Last Exterminator is an FPS game with retro visuals developed by Ironworks Games where you play as an exterminator who kills for a living and, after an invasion of cockroach-headed aliens, you have a job to do: exterminate the entire race of insects and save the planet.

The game is highly inspired by Duke Nukem and the developer himself makes it clear that he is passionate about the franchise. Here, the visuals are polygonal and with scenarios that are very reminiscent of Duke Nukem's maps, full of secrets, explosions and powerful weapons that make up your war arsenal.

The demo build has only one phase but manages to convey the flavor of FPS games from the 90s and a great similarity to Duke Nukem, even in its musical theme.

Check out The Last Exterminator gameplay

Download The Last Exterminator game


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