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THE LOOP: Investigate the Whereabouts of Your Wife and Daughter by Reliving an Strange Incident Loop

The Loop is a short interactive indie fiction game with a touch of psychological horror that was produced by teamansiedad for this year's GOTO Game Jam, and published on the platform on November 22nd this year. In The Loop, you play as Leonard, who wakes up in a strange room with only a flashlight, a stuffed rabbit, and an open door. As you walk through the door, you review situations in your life involving your wife Jody and daughter Molly. Only you have no idea what happened, and now it's up to you to find a way to discover the whereabouts of your wife and daughter.

As it's produced for a Game Jam, you can't expect too much polish here, as in an event like this, you have a deadline to create the game and release it at the event. The Loop features very polished graphics, but with some minor bugs. Also the movement of the characters is quite funny at times, but this is due to a lack of polish in the game. The gameplay is very simple: you don't do much here except investigate every corner for clues.

You can check out The Loop gameplay and, if interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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