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THE MACABRE SANATORIUM: Investigate Your Brother's Whereabouts in an Abandoned Sanatorium

The Macabre Sanatorium (known as "O Sanatório Macabro" in Brazil) is a brazilian indie FPS and Survival game being produced by SEAROM and which published a 10 minute trial version on the itch.io platform on the November 28th of this year In The Macabre Sanatorium, you control Kane, who travels to an old and abandoned sanatorium to save his brother Aaron, who disappeared while recording a program dedicated to hunting down paranormal events.

The game itself is a basic FPS with survival horror elements. You explore every room in the sanatorium, looking for clues, keys, items and, if possible, survivors. Visually, The Macabre Sanatorium presents simple, basic graphics, but they work well here. The same can be said about gameplay, typical of many indie FPS produced and published there on itch.io. The horror atmosphere is even well built here in this game, which brings a feeling of tension and constant anxiety about not knowing what to expect in front of you.

The game still doesn't have a defined release date. There are some things that could be worked on more, like some cutscenes and menu improvements, but until the final version comes out, I think a lot will be improved. Check out the gameplay of The Macabre Sanatorium and, if you are interested, download the demo by clicking on the links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/yZ7_noeiWmQ

DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL VERSION OF THE GAME HERE: https://searom.itch.io/o-sanatorio-macabro

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