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THE OLD HOUSE: Investigate Strange Occurrences in Your Childhood's Home in this Horror Game

The Old House is an indie adventure and horror game produced by Magpie Collective, and published on January 30th of this year, on the "" platform. The game has a very simple and direct storyline: You are Mulberry, who goes to an old house where you spent your childhood there. You have been called to investigate strange occurrences there, even there is a possibility that they are even supernatural.

In The Old House, the gameplay is not much different from other indie games of the genre: you just move and interact with a few keys and the mouse. You are also guided by the cell phone, which presents the diary options, where you find the objectives of the game, and a flashlight, to illuminate the most diverse areas.

The graphic is similar to that of many PSX games, more precisely to the first games of the Sony 32-bit console, where there were still no more impressive graphics as they were in the last games of the console. However, within the proposal of being a short game and using it in favor of horror, it is quite impressive even.

At the moment the game is still in the prototype phase, we can only wait for the full version. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking here and, if you are interested, download it by clicking on the link below:

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