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THE PALE: A Survival Horror Game Inspired By Silent Hill That Takes Place In An Abandoned Lighthous.

The Pale is a survival horror game developed by VIDE01 where you play as Arthur, the new lighthouse keeper on Pale, an abandoned island off the coast of Maine. After some strange events, the island shows dark mysteries and you will need to survive while finding a way out.

The game used to be called The Keeper, but we believe that because it has the same name as another homonymous game and with the same PSX Oldschool style, the developers changed the name. Thus, The Pale proves to be a promising game, with a Silent Hill feel where you walk through a place full of mysteries and covered by fog.

The game has only the first act of the final build, but you'll be able to follow good dialogues, good scenarios and fights that are very reminiscent of the first Silent Hill, including a menu inspired by Konami games.

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